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Your CV only tells half the story...

Interviews are a make or break affair. Back up the impression that you’re an exceptional candidate with top-notch interview skills.

Our recruitment consultants have the right sort of information you need for your next D-Day.

Their advice and expertise which comes from nearly a decade of guiding job seekers will brace you for the plunge and help you achieve your outcomes.

Don't let the opportunity to land your dream job slip right through your fingers. Download your Preparation Handbook and learn more about conducting memorable interviews.

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Interview Preparation

Your CV tells half the story

Acing a job interview is all about thorough preparation. Interviews can be challenging if you don’t have the information and confidence you need which why Crescendo Global has developed the ultimate interview preparation guide to help you succeed.
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  • Head - Talent Acquisition

    Head - Talent Acquisition

    ​Crescendo Consultants have a tremendous sense of dedication and commitment for their work. They are a group of focused, intellectual and systematic search professionals embedde...

  • Director - Human Resources

    Director - Human Resources

    ​Crescendo consultants are extremely sharp, smart and capable. I had the pleasure of interacting with a Crescendo consultant when we had a leadership hiring requirement, he was ...

  • Head - Talent Acquisition

    Head - Talent Acquisition

    ​Crescendo has been exceptional in understanding the client-candidate relationship that eventually leads to success in talent acquisition. While speaking with Raghav, it was lik...

  • HR - Senior Manager

    HR - Senior Manager

    ​Crescendo has not only helped us source and close some very critical and urgent positions. They have acted as an adviser and brand ambassador to our candidates. Working with Cr...

  • HR - Senior Director

    HR - Senior Director

    ​Dynamic, Reliable, Partner. These are the words that I would use to describe Crescendo. It was a relief to work with a partner who understands your business requirements, rathe...

  • HR - Head

    HR - Head

    ​I interacted with Crescendo Global professionally during a career opportunity they presented to me for a reputed global firm. The first impression I had was of immense confiden...

  • Jassimran Kaur Saluja

    Jassimran Kaur Saluja


    ​Crescendo Global is one of the most promising organisations. It provides a whole bunch of career growth opportunities to professionals who’ve the drive to excel. The engaging, ...

  • Tenzin Thinlay

    Tenzin Thinlay

    Associate Consultant

    Ever since I joined the organisation I’ve observed tangible growth for both myself and the organisation within a very short span of time. At Crescendo Global, we’ve tons of tec...

  • Neha Singh

    Neha Singh

    Assistant Manager - Legal and Compliance

    ​The best part about working with the team at Crescendo Global is how we focus on empowering each other and celebrating the team accomplishments. The growth that I have seen in ...

  • Sahil Arora

    Sahil Arora


    ​It's been a great opportunity to join Crescendo Global as it has offered me abundant growth opportunity offering me a platform to realize my abilities. I’m glad to work in an...

  • Riddhi Sharma

    Riddhi Sharma

    Associate Consultant

    I’m elated and proud to be associated with Crescendo Global. The culture in the organisation is extraordinary owing to positive vibes, meritocracy and mutual respect for one ano...

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Interview Preparation

The Journey to Your Ideal Career Starts Here

Our recruitment consultants match outstanding talent to a great many opportunities. We assist qualified, senior leaders achieve their desired balance across preferences such as personal growth, job satisfaction and competitive remuneration.