Business Development Director-Bangalore- (+ 8 years)

Job type: Permanent
Contact name: Manya Bhagat

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Published: 5 days ago
Startdate: 19/04/2022


An excellent opportunity for person holding 8+ years of experience in large enterprise B2B sales. The profile is ideal for a person holding experience in identifying potential opportunities, developing relationships with customers, clients by understanding critical business strategies.

Location: Bangalore


Your Future Employer: A leading global group having offices in more than 125 countries serving 40+ clients by engaging with clients and customers.



  • Responsible for selling B2B solutions, client acquisition

  • Establishing relationships with CXOs customers and clients.

  • Developing the knowledge of company to identify profitable business opportunities.

  • Identifying all the economic key drivers.



  • Having 8+ years of experience in corporate sales and somebody who has managed large deals.

  • Expertise in developing well strategies and achieving targets.

  • Proficiency in maintaining strong relationships.


What is in it for you?

  • Work in diverse culture and global team.

  • Grow in culture focused on developing business and achieving targets.

  • Work in a fast-paced environment in an established brand


Reach us:

  If you think you are perfect fit for this role, kindly drop me an email along with your updated  CV at


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Job Description

Business Development Director







About BI Worldwide




BI WORLDWIDE’s mission is to put our engagement expertise to work for our clients. We understand

how to engage employees, channel partners and customers better than anyone else and we have the

tools and resources to help our clients tap into that knowledge to drive and sustain measurable


Our origins are both humble and ingenious. (We like to think that describes us pretty well). It started

with founder Guy Schoenecker discovering innovative ways to provide consumer loyalty programs

and incentives to various industries. That idea caught on, big time. It grew into what is now a

multinational company serving Global 2000 corporations in over 125 countries in more than 20


Our U.S. headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have more than 25 sales offices

throughout the U.S. and headquarters around the world in Australia, Canada, China, India, Latin

America, Singapore and the United Kingdom.




In India, we are headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka with other offices in Chennai, Delhi and

Mumbai. In Chennai, we have a fully equipped infrastructure to develop and deploy advanced

technology solutions for our engagement, rewards and loyalty programs. With over 220+ associates

and 40+ clients including marquee names such as Genpact, Hewlett Packard, Zensar Technologies,

IBM, Shell, Dalmia Cements, Tata Motors, Saint Gobain, Coke India, HCCB, 3M, Bosch and other blue-

chip companies, BIW India has established itself as a premium service provider and achieved a No 1

ranking in the employee recognition marketplace within a short span of time.










What makes us different?


How did we get to be the world’s leading expert on engagement? Experience is part of it but it also

stems from our unique approach. We design and deliver innovative solutions grounded in the science

of behavioral economics.

In other words, we look at how thought and emotion combine to drive decisions and behavior. We

don’t have to guess what might motivate teams or customers; we actually use research and data to

figure out what will motivate them. Then we act on it.


Where are we headed?


There’s no modest way of saying this. In a span of 10 years, BI Worldwide has gone from being a new

entrant in the Indian market to a leader in employee recognition; a preferred agency for channel

incentive programs; and the most profitable enterprise in the industry. The growth has been marked

by innovations that have driven scale with efficiency, differentiated product features, solutions

methodology rooted in design thinking and behavioural science, and deep collaboration with

academics and practitioners alike, both in India and abroad.

If the accomplishments in the first decade are anything to go by, one can only imagine the nature and

scale of our ambition for the next level. We’ll detail them out as Themes, rather than a blueprint.


• A resilient organization: While 2020 has been a period of unprecedented challenges and

change, individual leadership, fortitude, and perseverance has come to the surface in an

equally unprecedented way. We believe it is imperative to convert this strength into a

fundamental organizational character that it will measure itself on internally, and be

regarded and respected for externally

• A truly Great Place to Work: Far beyond a survey; far beyond an annual evaluation; far

beyond a tick mark; and into the very blood stream of the enterprise. This is not about a

single point in time – it is the ability of the organization to build a framework that not only

attracts the best talent, instead designed to help each of them experience purpose and

fulfilment during their tenure with us. It never hurts to gain a certification every now and

then and we did so this year by being recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ by the GTPW

Institute! It has further validated the focus on culture and building a healthy work-ecosystem.

• A customer-centric organization: We believe that an organization can achieve true customer-

centricity only if it has genuine intent supported by a sharp execution plan. It assumes the

organization’s capability to change and adapt its methods, without changing its goals. We

want to become the kind of organization that is held as a role-model not just among its peers,

but across organization’s globally

• Community focused: We believe that the true purpose of an organization is not only to make

profit for the shareholders but to be a meaningful contributor to the well-being of all







stakeholders. Through our CSR initiatives, we want to make a deep and enduring impact

effecting a positive change to various stakeholders in our business and community.

What you’ll love about us?


For starters, we take these things to heart: Work hard, play hard, celebrate. Make work meaningful.

Magnify successes.

True to our EVP of Grow & have fun in a culture of innovation and trust, some initiatives we offer all

our Associates –


Benefits –

Flexpay (option of configuring your own compensation structure to optimize tax liability), Flextime

(flexibility to chose your work timing), Flexplace (1 day per week WFH to ensure work-life balance),

Profit sharing (a fair share of the profits paid back to employees, subject to the organization/division

meeting its profitability targets, Insurance Benefits taken care by the company – GHI (5L per family

covering Associate, spouse, upto 2 children and parents (on co-pay model)), GPA – Personal Accident

coverage, Covid Benefits (3L per person covering Associate, spouse and upto 2 children) towards

hospitalization/ home quarantine; wellness initiatives covering physical, mental and financial wellness,

EAP support, etc


Values driven culture the BIWay – Alignment of organizational values to a behavior driven approach –

the BIWay - Be Inclusive, Inspire and Innovate, Way (Excel & Evolve).


Being in the Business of Inspiration ourselves, we understand the need for our own Associates to be

engaged and motivated, more than anyone else. To this, we offer

• The Other Side, a month long festivity driven by the Associates, for the Associates, showing our

culture of engagement, apart from the regulars – Townhall, Pulse Checks, Focus Group

Discussions, Skip level meetings

• Effective use of our recognition framework based on the principles of Behavorial Science, to

drive the culture of recognition

• Individual goal alignment to the organization/divisional strategy to drive the culture of


• Certifications and use of our proprietary learning platform - Brainier to drive the culture of














Business Development Director


Are you someone

- With a background of selling professional services?

- With an understanding of how business strategy and direction are determined in corporations?

- Driven, self sufficient and competitive?

- Insatiably curious and have a passion for exceptional customer service?

- Can quickly build confidence with prospects, customers and internal team members


Then the Business Development Director (BDD) at BI Worldwide India is the right opportunity for you.

Our BDDs are responsible for identifying potential accounts, developing an account entry strategy,

conducting the prospecting campaign, developing relationships and understanding the customer’s

critical business strategies, then working with a team of subject matter experts to create and execute

solutions to achieve the customers business objectives.


Roles & Responsibilities

1. Showcase success in large enterprise B2B sales (solutions sales) by building match winning


2. Proven ability to prospect a lead given to one to convert the requirements and displayed

ability to generate own meetings with named accounts

3. Establish relationships with CxOs - Display multi-level engagement within named accounts

4. Develop & own logo acquisition plan with clear milestones - adhering to the benchmarks set

5. Champion BIW brand: Effectively position BIW as a thought leader

6. Demonstrate customer focus using elements of Challenger sales:

• Teach for differentiation: Offering a unique perspective while maintaining two-way


• Tailor for resonance: Have they identified and tailored their approach according to

customer value drivers and economic drivers

• Take control of the buying process, negotiation and outcome



▪ Successful candidate will have 8+ plus years of experience

▪ Exposure to corporate sales and value based selling

▪ Ability to work independently and achieve stretch targets

▪ Ability to develop strong relationships

▪ Demonstrated initiative and resourcefulness to develop well-planned strategies and

achieve goals within tight timelines