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Top 5 Careers in Technology in 2022

almost 2 years ago

Top 5 Careers in Technology in 2022

Technology Hiring is at its boom, with digitalization and changes in the working styles. Post-Covid all the companies are strategizing to reach their consumers in the minimum time and get more productive insights from data using tools, analysis, and metrics.

  • Data Scientist: Data Science domain is relevant for anybody who holds experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc. You can imagine your career as a data scientist and work with Fortune 500 companies and Start-Ups. To transition into Data science, one should have exposure to programming languages like ‘R’ or Python.

  • Cloud Engineers: While there are a number of cloud platforms, the most commonly used cloud platforms are amazon web services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) One can start their career as a cloud engineer and progress into an architect position. While there are many certifications you can go for anyone dedicated cloud certification and enter into the cloud world

  • Software Developers: There are three broad categories of software developers. -Frontend Developers -Backend Developers -Full-stack Developers These are the various languages used. For e.g. For Front end developers the major languages used are React, Angular, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. For Backend- the broadly used languages are Node JS, Java, Python.If a person hold experience in both front end and backend, he can work as a full stack developer.

  • CRM developers: CRM developers are broadly hired CRM’s are Salesforce and SAP.To work as a CRM developer , it is highly recommended to go for certifications.For eg. For salesforce you can go for platform developers 1 and SAP has its own certifications.

  • DevOPs Engineer :The last one the list of top 5 is DevOps engineer. Someone who has worked on building CI CD pipelines (Continuous integration and Continuous delivery/deployment). Someone who holds good exposure in Docker, Kubernetes.

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