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We allow dreamers and hustlers to challenge themselves and realize their full potential by pursuing their passion. We believe in collaborating together, committing to values, and achieving success as a team. Our culture is built on recognition, grit, enthusiasm, and inclusivity. We are passionate about building careers, growing, and adding value to all our stakeholders.

If this aligns with your vision, apply for a job today! We are growing our Team! Come be a part of our incredible journey!

Benefits of Joining Crescendo Global

Benefits of joining Crescendo

Tanu Sachdeva

Manager - Human Resources

​Tanu, an accomplished HR leader, spearheads Crescendo Global's talent acquisition efforts in Punjab. With a 15+ years of experience under her belt, she excels in recruitment processes, with a strong emphasis on training and development. Tanu's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering employee engagement is evident in her role as the head of Internal Talent Acquisition, playing a pivotal role in shaping Crescendo Global's journey in Punjab.

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Manager - Human Resources

​Meet Anuja, a distinguished HR manager at Crescendo Global, Gurugram. With over ten years of experience, she's a stalwart in end-to-end recruitment processes, specializing in talent identification and acquisition. Anuja's commitment to employee development and engagement sets her apart, as she leads the team in sourcing top-notch talent to drive Crescendo Global's success in Gurugram.

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