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The Talent Challenge 2022

The great resignation and quiet quitting, which refers to the massive movements of bright people over the last year, occurred as workers re-evaluated the significance of their jobs and their personal goals. Employers are under pressure to offer appealing careers, the flexibility of hybrid employment, a welcoming work environment, and a positive business culture. In 2023, it will be crucial to provide individuals with meaningful employment, continual learning and growth opportunities, flexibility, and diverse, value-oriented workplaces.

The digital revolution (trend one above) also results in increased workplace automation, which will support virtually every employment in the globe.

This will require upgrading and training a substantial number of employees in our organizations as well as hiring new personnel with the required skills for the future.

In order to compete in the future, businesses must, on the one hand, address the enormous skills gap that exists in fields like data science, artificial intelligence, and other technology-related fields. On the flip side, as technology augments human jobs, employers must retrain employees in the abilities necessary to work with intelligent machines and to develop their uniquely human qualities that cannot yet be mechanized.