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Crescendo Global is a global Leadership Hiring & Recruitment Firm in India. Fortune 500 companies are our clients, and we help them hire the right people at the right time.

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  • Nidhi Sharma image

    Nidhi Sharma

    Associate Manager- Industrial Engineering
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    ​Nidhi Sharma has dedicated most of her career to recruiting senior candidates in the Engineering and Oil and Gas sectors, leveraging her experience in industrial engineering. Her deep understanding enables her to connect clients with top-tier talent.

  • Gauravjit   Minhas image

    Gauravjit Minhas

    Associate Manager- Consumer Practice
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    ​Gauravjit matches growing companies in the consumer practice segment with the right talent, focusing on long-term success and sustainable growth. Gauravjit's approach ensures that both clients and candidates are on the same page, making the recruitment process smooth and efficient.

  • Avinav Mishra image

    Avinav Mishra

    Manager- Business development
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    ​Avinav Mishra excels in meeting clients' talent needs by connecting them with top experts from niche domains. His deep understanding of what organizations require and his dedication to fulfilling these needs make him a go-to partner for finding the right talent.

  • Srishti Pathak image

    Srishti Pathak

    Sr. Consultant- Technology Practice
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    ​Srishti is skilled at finding specialized talent for Analytics & Technology roles. She understands the tech world's unique needs and communicates clearly, ensuring candidates fit well with what companies are looking for. She managed the entire recruitment process seamlessly, meeting expectat...

  • Arushi Manhas image

    Arushi Manhas

    Consultant- technology Practice
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    ​Working with Arushi has truly transformed our Analytics and Technology hiring, bringing in talent that not only meets but exceeds our expectations. Her keen eye for identifying the right candidates has been instrumental in our success and innovation.

  • Divya Gautam image

    Divya Gautam

    Sr. Consultant-Human Resources, Legal & Research
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    ​Divya Gautam demonstrates an exceptional ability to understand the expectations of senior candidates, making her a standout in the Human Resources recruitment field. Her insight into the career aspirations of experienced professionals ensures a perfect alignment between candidate goals and organ...

  • Nitin Tyagi image

    Nitin Tyagi

    Consultant- Technology practice
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    ​Nitin's support throughout the recruitment process was exceptional. From the initial conversation to securing the position, his guidance was both empowering and seamless. Truly, Nitin sets a gold standard for candidate care in the tech industry.

  • Ankit Sharma image

    Ankit Sharma

    Managing Consultant-Consumer Practice
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    ​Ankit Sharma specializes in recruiting leaders in top Sales and Marketing roles within the Consumer sector for large companies. With Ankit’s help, professionals advance in their careers while companies get the leadership they need to grow.

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