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Why You Should Spend More Time on Interview Preparation by...

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Why You Should Spend More Time on Interview Preparation by Crescendo Global

The interview is the first step towards getting hired. If you're not prepared, then you'll have no chance of being successful. Even though you may think that you know everything about yourself and what you want out of a job, you still need to do some research before the interview. You should make sure that you've researched the company thoroughly, and that you know their mission statement, values, and any other information that could help you stand out from the crowd.

Your resume doesn't tell them anything they don't already know.

Your resume is just a piece of paper. It's not going to tell anyone anything they didn't already know about you. Make sure that you tailor your resume to each position that you apply for. Don't use the same resume for every single job application. Instead, create a unique resume for each job that you apply for.

You're not going to get hired without references.

References are extremely important. When you're looking for a job, you're going to need people who can vouch for you. References are people who work at the company that you're applying for, and they can give you insight into how well you'd fit in with the team.

You're not going anywhere without a cover letter.

A cover letter is basically a short introduction to the person reading your resume. A cover letter is different than a resume, because it gives you the opportunity to sell yourself to the employer. In order to write a good cover letter, you need to know exactly what the employer wants. What are they looking for? Why did they hire someone else over you? How would you improve upon that person's performance? These questions are all things that you should answer in your cover letter.

You're not going nowhere without a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a social networking website where you can connect with companies and professionals. By having a LinkedIn profile, you're able to show off your skills and experience. You can even search for jobs based on specific keywords.

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