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How to get Fintech Jobs in India by Crescendo Global...

almost 2 years ago

How to get Fintech Jobs in India by Crescendo Global

FinTech is a relatively new industry that is revolutionizing the financial services sector. In fact, FinTech startups have been responsible for some of the biggest innovations in banking over the past few years. FinTech encompasses many different industries including payments processing, mobile banking, lending, credit scoring, wealth management, insurance, mortgages, and much more.

  • Learn how to code

Coding is the language of the digital world. If you want to work in FinTech, then you need to learn how to code. There are many free online courses out there that can help teach you how to code. You may not know any programming languages already, but don't worry, there are plenty of resources out there to help you pick up new ones.

The FinTech ecosystem consists of entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, and others who play a role in shaping the future of finance. To land a job in FinTech, you'll need to understand what's happening in this ecosystem. Read news articles, talk to people, attend events, and keep abreast of regulatory changes.

  • Build a strong network

Networking is critical if you want to find employment in FinTech. Attend meetups, conferences, and networking events where FinTech professionals gather. These events are a great way to make connections with people working in FinTech and gain valuable insight about the industry.

  • Find a mentor

Mentorship is an excellent way to jumpstart your career in FinTech. Many companies offer mentorship programs, so look for these opportunities. Ask someone who works at a company you're interested in to serve as a mentor for you.

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At Crescendo Global, we help people & organizations find a common purpose. We specialize in Senior level and Leadership hiring for our clients across India. We have built a culture of people passionate about changing other people’s lives. We focus on employee growth & learning and believe in the power of teamwork to do great things. Here, you have the opportunity to have a greater influence than many individuals do in their lifetime. Crescendo Global takes pride in uniting people through celebrations.

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