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Inclusive workplace needed for Great Return: Crescendo Global's Raghav Choudhary...

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over 1 year ago

by Raghav Choudhary

Inclusive workplace needed for Great Return: Crescendo Global's Raghav Choudhary

​COVID-19 had a significant bearing on the economy that is still gasping for breath and still finding ways to stay afloat. 

For all professionals, the past three years have been a time of change, development, and learning. 

The pandemic has brought fresh and distinct challenges to the world. The changing environment demanded more creativity and agility to streamline company operations. The phase involved adjusting to a work-from-home schedule and changing procedures and business models to fit the new normal.

During this time, numerous new business opportunities emerged, some lesser-known companies rose to prominence, and many businesses that were unable to adapt fell by the wayside. An epidemic that has produced widespread pandemonium has shaken the world.

Now that we're attempting to return to work, employees and employers face unique difficulties. Additionally, it will take time for everyone to return to work.

The People Matters team interacted with Raghav Choudhary, the founder and managing director of Crescendo Global Leadership Hiring, to know why businesses want people to return to their offices and work there. 

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He said the majority of businesses prioritise employee satisfaction and productivity while they are eager to see overall team growth. He underlined the value of an inclusive work environment for employees who can have a sense of belonging. With the organisation and its teams, this connection must be reciprocal.

He said that to be accommodating during this period of transformation, businesses are choosing novel approaches including hybrid working, offsites, and flexible working hours. He said that flexibility becomes essential to keep talent and be successful in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Raghav mentioned that Crescendo Global has been hiring leaders for the past eight years and that there has been a noticeable shift in the way that businesses approach talent searches today, prioritising organisational health and the capacity to harmonise culture with strategic objectives.

According to a recent report by Crescendo Global, 40% of firms provide employees with hybrid work arrangements where they must return to the office on a set date after joining, facilitating an easy transfer and onboarding. These firms also had the highest number of new employees, which can be ascribed to their flexible work arrangements.

Positive employee experiences are what fuel productivity and team development, according to Shivani Razdan, who heads the executive search for Crescendo Global in the Human Resources, Legal, and Research arena.

It appears that new industry standards are being created to keep existing talent and recruit new talent. Growth is ultimately a game of talent. Your success is certain if you hire the best in the business.

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