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Researching the Company - Interview Preparation by Crescendo Global

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by Crescendo Global

Researching the Company - Interview Preparation by Crescendo Global

Company research is crucial while applying for any job role. Here are 5 things that you must know and research before you apply or step in for an interview

  •  Visit the website of the Company you are interviewing with. You should understand the nature of their business – their line of products and service offerings. 

    Understand the industry – know about their major competitors – what are the differentiators – what are they doing better.  

  • Carefully read through your job description to fully understand the job profile and what is expected from you. It is very crucial and you should be 100% clear on the roles & responsibilities. I would strongly recommend that you ask questions about it if something is not clear to you to set the expectations straight. 

  • Know who your interviewers/ Recruiters are. Do check out their LinkedIn profiles to get a perspective of who you are going to interact with. This gives you an understanding of what their educational and work background are and helps you get over that fear of the unknown. 

  • Understand the work culture/ growth opportunities to make an informed decision. To get these insights - look out for current employee testimonials available on third-party websites like Glassdoor, etc. for unbiased views. 

  • The effort that you put into the research will help you customize your resume and prepare well for your interview

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    At Crescendo Global, we help people & organizations find a common purpose. We specialize in Senior level and Leadership hiring for our clients across India. We have built a culture of people passionate about changing other people’s lives. We focus on employee growth & learning and believe in the power of teamwork to do great things. Here, you have the opportunity to have a greater influence than many individuals do in their lifetime. Crescendo Global takes pride in uniting people through celebrations.

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