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5 Tips For Applying For Banking and Finance Jobs in...

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over 1 year ago

by Crescendo Global

5 Tips For Applying For Banking and Finance Jobs in India?

​1. Know Your Target Market

The first thing you need to do before applying for any job is to know who exactly you want to work for. You have to understand their target market, what they sell, and how they make money. If you don’t know anything about them, then you won’t be able to apply for jobs that match your skillset.

2. Research Their Company History

Once you know who you want to work for, you should research their company history. Find out if they have been around for long or not. Also find out if they are profitable or not.

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3. Apply Online

Nowadays, most companies require you to apply online. Make sure you create a good resume and cover letter. Don’t forget to add links to your social media accounts.

4. Networking Is Key

Networking is extremely important. Try to meet people at networking events and ask them if they know anyone working at the company you want to work for or if they know someone who knows someone.

5. Follow Up

Follow up after you submit your application. Send a thank you email to everyone you met at the event. Tell them you enjoyed meeting them and that you would love to hear back from them.

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