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The role of a recruiter is to help you find...

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over 1 year ago

by Crescendo Global

The role of a recruiter is to help you find the perfect opportunity?

1. Recruiting is a skill set that requires patience, persistence, and creativity. You need to have a knack for connecting people to jobs that match their skillset.

2. A good recruiter should know how to listen and understand what they hear. They should be able to read between the lines and figure out if someone is telling them something truthful or not.

3. A good recruiter knows how to ask questions that get at the heart of the matter. They should be able ask questions about the job, company, and person being interviewed.

4. A good recruiter is always looking for ways to improve themselves. They should take time to learn new things and keep up-to-date on industry trends.

5. A good recruiter takes pride in their work and enjoys helping others succeed. They should never feel bad about getting rejected or having to turn down a candidate.

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6. A good recruiter understands that everyone is different and should treat each applicant differently. They should never assume anything about a candidate's personality or background.

7. A good recruiter does not make assumptions about candidates' personalities or backgrounds. Instead, they should try to get to know them before making any judgments.

8. A good recruiter makes sure to follow up after interviews. They should send thank you notes and follow up with phone calls to let applicants know if they got the job.

9. A good recruiter keeps track of everything they do. They should write down notes about who they spoke to and what was said. If they don't, then they may forget details later on.

10. A good recruiter learns from their mistakes. They should never repeat the same mistake twice.

11. A good recruiter never forgets to smile. Smiling goes a long way and helps build relationships.

12. A good recruiter always treats people with respect. They should never talk behind anyone's back or gossip about them.

13. A good recruiter listens to feedback. They should always be open to suggestions and ideas from those around them.

14. A good recruiter respects their employees. They should never put pressure on them to perform certain tasks or act in a certain manner.

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