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What is Cloud Computing Architecture ?

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What is Cloud Computing Architecture ?

​Cloud computing is an architecture that enables de-centralized cross-platform access to shared resources. Cloud computing allows applications and services to be deployed on redundant infrastructures that are accessible through the web. The primary benefits of cloud computing include increased elasticity, scalability, mobility, and interoperability. Cloud computing can be used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and public safety.

Cloud Computing Architecture is the design and architecture of systems that allow cloud services to be operated. These systems are composed of a variety of application software layers interacting with back-end infrastructure providers.

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Cloud computing architecture is a complex distributed system or platform organized as a collection of loosely coupled servers sharing resources. It can be used in businesses and government agencies to enable elasticity, high availability, and rapid scalability while reducing costs. Cloud computing architecture enables the use of on-demand resources by distributing the processing load across multiple servers. This is done through virtualization technology that partitions an entire computer into small chunks called "workers" which are then assigned to distant computers. The software running on the workers is then run on a remote server, which means that all the resources requested by the software can be allocated without affecting other applications running on the cloud infrastructure

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