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Rajat Sharma

Business Manager

Rajat is a skilled technology team leader with expertise in hiring and recruiting for analytics and technology roles. With a deep understanding of technology and an eye for detail, Rajat provides a smooth end-to-end recruitment process. He excels in communicating effectively with stakeholders at all levels, ensuring a seamless hiring experience from the first look to the first day on the job. With a focus on delivering results in a highly competitive and rapidly growing technology space, Rajat is the ideal partner for any company seeking top tech talent.​​

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Aayushi Grover

Sr. Consultant

Aayushi is a highly skilled recruitment expert with a diverse background in hiring for both Marketing and Analytics roles across a range of industries. Her exceptional communication skills, client service expertise, and strong judgement ensure that our clients receive the exceptional talent they are looking for. Aayushi specializes in finding top-tier leaders in areas such as UX/UI, Product, Data Sciences, and Cloud Architecture. Aayushi is a multi-specialized recruitment expert and an asset for hiring top data science talent.

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Isha Joshi


​Isha is an inquisitive recruiter with a constant drive to be the best version of herself. This ability to self-bench mark makes her an avid learner pushes her towards success. Her solution-oriented approach and focus backed by hard work make her a go-getter. She hires Mid-Senior Leaders in Big data, Testing, Power BI, Data Visualization and Data Analytics

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Chakshu Sharma


​Chakshu is a focused and dedicated recruiter with high integrity and determination. She hires for Data Scientists, Data Warehousing and Data Visualization roles finding and delivering the right talent always. Chakshu is responsive and self-driven which which assures that timelines are met. Her composure and rationale are her strengths.​

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Gurpreet Kaur


Gurpreet is target-driven, highly positive and a process driven . She is truly committed to her work and has a great work ethic. She excels in sourcing and stakeholder management. She specializes in hiring in Testing, Project management, Cloud Architecture and Developers (Full-Stack).​

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