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Shivani Razdan

Associate Manager

Shivani works with top talent in the industry providing a positive candidate experience and ensuring a fluidic and transparent recruitment process for candidates. Backed up by experience in the Human Resources and Recruitments industry, Shivani works in close association with clients to identify and provide productive talent acquisition solutions.​

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​Ishmandeep is perceptive and deviceful at finding roles and candidates to contribute to the strength of his team. His capability to build relationship, engage candidates and clients has build iconic reputation about his potential. He leads hiring in the Talent Acquisition domain of the Human Resources function. His enthusiasm and energy is contagious and keeps the team in high spirits.

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Kajol Gupta


​Smart work is a trait which makes people achieve. Kajol Gupta posses skills which make her a quick learner, adoptive and huge potential as specialized recruiter. Her sense to gauge the candidates, understand the requirements of the role and the requirements of the candidates build a strategic approach to find the finest talent in the industry .

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