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The global legal services market is going to grow to $5.7 Billionn.

An increase in Merger & Acquisition directly implies the need for a great deal of legal attention eventually bringing in high demand for legal professionals.

An increase in globalization and technological innovation in every industry, an increase in data utilization and the surge in cross-border business led to strengthening the legal industry. An increase in participation in handling internal matters

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Shivani Razdan

Associate Manager

Shivani works with top talent in the industry providing a positive candidate experience and ensuring a fluidic and transparent recruitment process for candidates. Backed up by experience in the Human Resources and Recruitments industry, Shivani works in close association with clients to identify and provide productive talent acquisition solutions.​

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Gurleen Kaur


Gurleen handles three domains, namely HR, Legal and Risk. Her specialization lies in research roles and those are the roles she enjoys hiring for the most. Gurleen is fond of striking up conversations and has a great connect with candidates and clients alike. She is a great communicator and builds up relationships through mentoring and sharing her experience at executing exceptional situations with grace.

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Kajol Gupta


​Smart work is a trait which makes people achieve. Kajol Gupta posses skills which make her a quick learner, adoptive and huge potential as specialized recruiter. Her sense to gauge the candidates, understand the requirements of the role and the requirements of the candidates build a strategic approach to find the finest talent in the industry .

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Rhea Rana


Rhea has a vibrant personality. She is great at conversations and a focused recruiter. She is process driven and hardworking. Rhea hires for Human Resources, Legal and Research roles.

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