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Rajat Sharma

Business Manager

Rajat is a skilled technology team leader with expertise in hiring and recruiting for analytics and technology roles. With a deep understanding of technology and an eye for detail, Rajat provides a smooth end-to-end recruitment process. He excels in communicating effectively with stakeholders at all levels, ensuring a seamless hiring experience from the first look to the first day on the job. With a focus on delivering results in a highly competitive and rapidly growing technology space, Rajat is the ideal partner for any company seeking top tech talent.​​

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Aayushi Grover

Sr. Consultant

Aayushi is a highly skilled recruitment expert with a diverse background in hiring for both Marketing and Analytics roles across a range of industries. Her exceptional communication skills, client service expertise, and strong judgement ensure that our clients receive the exceptional talent they are looking for. Aayushi specializes in finding top-tier leaders in areas such as UX/UI, Product, Data Sciences, and Cloud Architecture. Aayushi is a multi-specialized recruitment expert and an asset for hiring top data science talent.

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Isha Joshi


​Isha is an inquisitive recruiter with a constant drive to be the best version of herself. This ability to self-bench mark makes her an avid learner pushes her towards success. Her solution-oriented approach and focus backed by hard work make her a go-getter. She hires Mid-Senior Leaders in Big data, Testing, Power BI, Data Visualization and Data Analytics

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Gurpreet Kaur


Gurpreet is target-driven, highly positive and a process driven . She is truly committed to her work and has a great work ethic. She excels in sourcing and stakeholder management. She specializes in hiring in Testing, Project management, Cloud Architecture and Developers (Full-Stack).​

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