10 Tips to write a better Resume in 2022

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about 2 years ago

by Bhavya kamboj

10 Tips to write a better Resume in 2022

A resume is a reflection of who you are. While applying for a job a resume creates a platform for the hiring manager to know you closely. It’s an opportunity to create that perfect first impression without being there in person. If you have a flawed resume full of typos and grammatical errors, there is a bleak chance that you would make it for the first round of interviews. Resume space is really precious and one has to be mindful about utilizing it judiciously to make the most out of the few minutes that your application would get.

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We are sharing with you 10 tips to write that perfect, attention grabbing and on point resume. Our panel of experts at Crescendo global have curated this check list to help candidates. Your resume should be like Tetris, things should be interchangeable and easy to move around based on the job it's intended for. It is your first point of contact; make it precise and showcase the specific things you would like the interviewer to know in order for them to want to know more. Your resume will set the tone for how your interview begins and what it consists of for the most part, so be mindful of what goes in there. 

  1. Structure your resume in a chronological order: Start from the beginning of your professional career, or the relevant first point of experience. It’s important to maintain the flow of the resume so that the Interviewer can easily understand your progression by simply moving down the page. 

  2. Make sure you add up-to-date contact details: Your point of contact are important not to get wrong, because you could have the best resume in the world but if you're unreachable due to outdated contact information you’re not going to end up getting the job. 

  3. Add skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for: Your resume should be easy to mold and try to switch skills out and add skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for; this will lead to affirmation from the Interviewer and will help you stand out. 

  4. Put your impressive achievements first: Highlight what you would like the Interviewer to know about you in order to see your best side, you can do this by moving it up the page on your resume. 

  5. Remember to keep it subtle and to not add a photo of yourself: Your resume should be free of any biases and should not be very cluttered, this includes not adding a picture of yourself. Keep it simple and easy to read. 

  6. Add keywords that would make your resume ATS friendly so you show up first: Identify some keywords that the Job role you are interviewing for requires and be sure to add those, whether in the form of key skills or experiences. This will kick your resume to the front when searched in a database. 

  7. Keep it relevant and only add things that you’ve actually done: This is an important thing to keep in mind, while it may be tempting to add a bunch of things to your resume that you may have only done partly or not at all, this is in fact the wrong way to go about it. The interviewer can question you about anything you put on your resume, so if you don’t know something as well as you should they’re bound to find out. 

  8. Sort out any formatting kinks: Check to make sure your resume doesn’t have any weird page breaks or a bullet point out of place, something very simple could throw the resume’s structure off. 

  9. Make sure it’s no longer than a page or 2 at the most: Ideally you want your resume to be a single page, with the important things on there. It is acceptable for it to go onto the second page, but no longer. 

  10. Lastly read through it again and sort out any grammatical errors: This goes without saying, but try to read through your resume a couple of times or make use of online tools such as Grammarly to identify and rectify any grammatical or structural issues. 

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