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Cryptocurrency: Trends, Skills and Careers: Your guide for 2022

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about 2 years ago

by Bhavya Kamboj

Cryptocurrency: Trends, Skills and Careers: Your guide for 2022

Cryptocurrency, a long and complicated name followed by an even more complicated explanation every time you ask someone to explain it in “simple terms”. In lay man's terms it is a cashless currency or basically just a string of numbers that hold a certain amount of value. All transactions related to crypto currency take place on a peer-to-peer network known as blockchain. Blockchain is an authentication method that uses node (participant) to authenticate every transaction that takes place; leaving no room for fraud or collusion. 

Now that we’ve established the concept, let's talk about how you can get involved. The demand for professionals in the Crypto scene in India has skyrocketed of recent. Last year (2021) saw a 395% increase in Crypto related job postings on LinkedIn. The union budget deciding to focus on our digital economy this year is expected to bring even more growth in the Crypto field. What does this really add up to? Well, here are a few jobs that you can currently apply for in Crypto and the basic requirements for them. 

  1. Fresher- If you are a fresher planning a career in crypto you must look out for roles in Fintech companies. You need to have B. tech in computer science or electronics and communication.

Job Profiles for freshers-

  1. Senior Roles. B. tech plus MBA Finance, Major subjects- Statistics, economics, maths

Job Profiles for Seniors-

  • Crypto Financial Analyst

  • Blockchain Attorney

  • Legal Consultant

  • Financial Analyst

  • Blockchain Project Manager

  • Crypto Research Analyst

Crypto is such a new and flexible field that it allows you to switch into it even you have previously held jobs in different fields. Some of the fields you could switch into crypto from are: 

  • Financial Research

  • Financial Modelling

  • Equity Research

  • Risk Management

  • Portfolio Analytics

  • Credit risk and Analysis

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Fixed income specialist

Finally let's talk about some key skills that may help you to land your dream crypto job, as well as some certifications that could boost your standing amongst other applicants. 

Here are a few key skills that you shouldn't mind acquiring: 

  • Analytical skills-Knowledge of financial modelling tool like Anaplan modelling

  • Altrix/Tableau

  • R/ Python/Matlab-its working knowledge in financial investments

  • CA/CFA/FPM / CWM certification

And here are some certifications that you may need depending upon which sub-sect you choose to enter: 

  • Certified Blockchain expert (By the Blockchain council) 

  • Blockchain technology (at UC Berkely) 

  • Blockchain basics (LinkedIn) 

  • Blockchain Specialization (University of Buffalo and Coursera) 

Now that you’ve made it this far, let's talk about how well this field pays. As a fresher in Crypto you can expect to make 10 LPA on average. For experienced individuals you’re looking at around 50 LPA.

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