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What jobs can you get with python programming?

almost 2 years ago

What jobs can you get with python programming?

1. Data Scientist

Data scientists use computer programs to analyze data sets and create models based on those data sets. These models are then applied to predict future trends and outcomes. Data scientists often work for companies that collect data about their customers.

2. Software Engineer

Software engineers design software using a variety of languages including Python. They may write code to automate tasks or develop applications for mobile devices.

3. Web Developer

Web developers build websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies. They may also develop apps for mobile devices.

4. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers apply algorithms to data sets to make predictions. They might use these predictions to improve customer service or recommend products.

5. Database Administrator

Database administrators maintain databases and ensure they are secure. They may also perform backups and recover deleted files.

6. System Administrator

System administrators manage computers and networks. They install and configure operating systems, hardware, and networking equipment.

7. Network Security Analyst

Network security analysts protect computers and networks from hackers and viruses. They may monitor network traffic and identify suspicious activity.

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