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How to write a follow-up email?

over 1 year ago

How to write a follow-up email?

1. Keep your audience and aim in mind.

2. Add a catchy topic line.

3. Address people correctly.

4. Write the email's body carefully.

5. Include your signature and get in touch info.

1. Keep your audience and aim in mind

Determine the purpose of your follow-up email first. This can involve accepting a sales offer, setting up a networking meeting, or following up on a job application or interview. You can choose the audience, whether it be a decision-maker, recruiting manager, or new business contact, after you are clear on what you want to achieve. You can modify the tone and wording of your email to suit the reader's demands by keeping the target and purpose in mind.

2. Add a captivating topic line

Every time you send a follow-up email, the subject line should urge the recipient to open the message. The subject can be something straightforward like "Follow Up: Mackey's Lemonade" because it's brief and explains what the email will be about. It's obvious that the message is important because of this.

3. Salutations should be appropriate.

Use greetings that are appropriate for your job, sector, and brand. While some businesses adopt a professional tone when sending emails, others may just use a first name or a first and last name. Although any of them could be the right answer, the one you pick should make sense for your target market and brand.

4. Write a strong email body

It's best practise to keep emails concise and to the point, containing only the details that can be immediately understood. A rapport-building sentence, a call to action, and a concluding statement that condenses the email's objective should all be included in follow-up emails.

5. Include your signature and contact information

In addition to your first and last names, title, organization, and phone number, you should also include your email address in your signature.

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