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  • Divya Gautam

    Divya Gautam

    Sr. Consultant- HR, Legal & Research
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    I believe I can recognize perfect talent when I see it.  I’m great at mapping the market and at strategizing new sourcing methods. I specialize in HR, Legal & Research hiring, and I have a knack for discovering the right people through consulting.

  • Deepika Seth

    Deepika Seth

    Sr. Consultant- Supplychain & Procurement
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    I am self motivated and high on energy and bring positivity and fulfillment to all the roles I works on managing all the touch points and delivering always. My ability so tap talent for Supply chain and operations domain emerges from my domain knowledge and industry experience in Marketing Operations sector.

  • Ravjot Kaur

    Ravjot Kaur

    Consultant- Analytics & Technology
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    ​I hail from software industry background and understand the technology industry to search for niche roles of Software Development and Business Intelligence. My active listening skills and self-motivation help me to outshine every step of the way. My approach to recruitment is well-planned and self driven.

  • Radhika Agrawal

    Radhika Agrawal

    Consultant-Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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    I undertake hiring for Fintech and Insurance roles specializing in Quantitative portfolio, Hedge funds/ Private equity ,Investment strategies and Research, Fund Accounting specialist, Alternative Investment and Investors Relations. My responsiveness and incredible negotiation skills make my work easier and effortless.

  • Isha Joshi

    Isha Joshi

    Consultant-Analytics & Technology
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    ​I am an inquisitive recruiter with a constant drive to better every day. I am an avid learner looking for successful solutions, always.  My focused approach and hard work have always kept me grounded. I hire Mid-Senior Leaders in Big data, Testing, Power BI, Data Visualization, and Data Analytics

  • Rajat Sharma

    Rajat Sharma

    Associate Manager- Analytics & Digital
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    I am a skilled technology team leader with deep tech knowledge and excellent understanding of analytics & technology roles. My belief lies in attention to detail and excellent communication at all levels in order to deliver a smooth end to end process completion from the first look to the first day in a highly competitive and exponentially growing technology space. My team specializes in hiring Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Cloud Architects, Software Developers and Business Analysts among multiple other functions of Analytics and Technology.

  • Shivani Razdan

    Shivani Razdan

    Associate Manager- HR, Legal and Research
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    I work with some of the top talent in the industry providing a positive candidate experience and ensuring a fluidic and transparent recruitment process for candidates. Backed by more than a decade of experience in the recruitment domain, I work in close association with clients to identify and provide productive talent acquisition solutions.

  • Raghav Choudhary

    Raghav Choudhary

    Founder & Managing Director
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    ​We at Crescendo Global are motivated by a vision of niche hiring and specialization. We support organizations in finding and integrating the best people. We collaborate with clients from throughout the world in a variety of industries, assisting them with their needs for senior talent. Our subject matter experts provide the ideal match for Candidates and Clients on both sides of the recruiting process by bringing a wealth of experience to the table.

  • Jassimran Saluja

    Jassimran Saluja

    Lead- Talent Acquisition
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    I am an expert at Talent Acquisition with extensive experience in specialized recruitments across multiple domains. My goal is finding the right talent and realizing the vision for transformational impact we want to create in the recruitment industry. I’m responsible for internal talent acquisition and dedicated to building a strong and proficient team for Crescendo Global. 

  • Jyothi Kumari

    Jyothi Kumari

    Sr. Consultant-Supplychain & Procurement
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    I provide support to our clients and candidates by leveraging my years of experience and skills to source the best candidates for niche job role. My strategic approach and great communication skills combined with resilience are my strengths.

  • Aayushi Grover

    Aayushi Grover

    Sr. Consultant- Analytics & Technology
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    I’m well- organized, confident, and also a great communicator. I specialize in creating a great client experience and making sure that they get everything they’re looking for during their journey with Crescendo Global. 

  • Rahul Sharma

    Rahul Sharma

    Manager- Learning & Development
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    A transformational coach & mentor who leads the Learning & Development function at Crescendo Global I work closely with all the members of the team using data & analytics to identify learning needs and develops trainings to support high performance and exploring the maximum potential of the team. Leveraging my experience of over a decade in L&D and helping my teams be the best version of themselves is my goal.

  • Manpreet Gulati

    Manpreet Gulati

    Marketing Manager
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    Having experience of working across a variety of industries throughout my career, I am able to use my specialty in information technology and product & brand management to comprehend and implement the best marketing strategy in the current digital environment. I collaborate with all the stakeholders to advance the value proposition for Crescendo Global and create a unique brand identity.

  • Deepika Gupta

    Deepika Gupta

    Corporate Finance
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    ​Deepika leads our Corporate Finance team and is a single point of contact of all stakeholders. She is a Chartered Accountant and brings with her the acumen and experience to drive forward the Corporate Finance Function. Her intelligence combined with proactiveness is the essence of who she is - an innovator to the core.

  • Nikita Gupta

    Nikita Gupta

    Sr.Consultant-Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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    My specialization lies in Investment Management, Portfolio risk analytics and Regulatory reporting & Controllership. I also hire leaders for Capital markets and Prophet modelling/ IFRS 1. I enjoy connecting with candidates with an emphasis on Employer Branding for our clients.

  • Imran Javed

    Imran Javed

    Consultant-Sales & Marketing
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    My strengths lie in understanding every situation on the ground, adapting quickly and efficiently as well as supporting our clients through the intricate process of choosing someone to become a part of their team. 

  • Ishmandeep Bhandari

    Ishmandeep Bhandari

    Consultant-HR, Legal & Research
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    I am perceptive, resourceful and enthusiastic niche recruiter for Human Resources function. I like to build relationships, engage candidates and clients and challenge my potential. I specialize in hiring Talent Acquisition leaders and building organizations through identification of right leadership.

  • Abhishek Pushkar

    Abhishek Pushkar

    Consultant-Sales & Marketing
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    ​I am good at multitasking and catering to multiple stakeholders. Setting right expectations with the candidate from the first call itself helps to build credibility and trust. We are in the business of impacting lives, it can't be done without trust and credibility amongst our community.

  • Akshita Garg

    Akshita Garg

    Associate-Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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    I specialize in Actuarial and Analytics Hiring. I am a Due Diligence specialist and FP&A specialist. My area of expertise also includes Insurance Analytics. I work on keeping myself updated with market knowledge and keep active tabs on the Insurance segment which enables me to hire the finest talent in the industry.

  • Dharvi Rao

    Dharvi Rao

    Associate- Design & Visual Communication
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    I lead the Design & Visual Communication domain in the Corporate Marketing Function at Crescendo Global. My flair to understand design, aesthetics and creating creative thoughts into visible reality on screen is my super power. I work with multiple teams on diverse projects to bring forth the best designs adding life to the text.

  • Nishant Sharma

    Nishant Sharma

    Associate-HR, Legal & Research
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    I specialize in Legal, Risk and Compliance hiring use a strategic approach to identify the right talent . My forte is truly understanding the requirement of the client and finding the the best talent in the industry. I try to devise and follow a structured approach to close every role leveraging my technical skillset.