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How to prepare for an interview : Best tips for...

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almost 2 years ago

by Bhavya kamboj

How to prepare for an interview : Best tips for Corporate Interviews

Preparing for an Interview is an underrated task that a lot of us don’t consider important enough to undertake, however this is folly. Preparing for an interview can help you in a lot of ways, for example, being prepared for an Interview and knowing what the topics of discussion will be can save you from freezing up or being ill informed. The most common problem interviewees face during an interview is nervousness and a lack of confidence, well not to worry, we’re going to talk about these topics in depth.

1. Before the Interview: Company Research:

When preparing for an Interview, the very first thing you should do is to read. Read about the company that you’re applying to, read about what the company does, who they work with, who their competitors are and most importantly read about the Job description you are interviewing for. Figure out what the company expects from you so that you can accurately respond when they ask you questions that are configured to their line of work. Reading about the company is extremely important and should take up most of your time but you should also go through your resume if you haven’t in a while so that you aren’t blindsided by something you put in there months ago! 

2. Know your interviewers:

Figure out who your interviewer(s) is and try to find them on LinkedIn, it is a great point to make initial contact and allows them to see you before the interview and helps you differentiate yourself from the other candidates. 

​​3. On the day of interview:

When its finally time to interview, show up early. Familiarize yourself with the space and talk to everyone you run into, even if it’s just a smile or a hello. Now I know some of you will also be interviewing online, but the same rule applies! Show up early for an online interview to make sure that all of your technology is working properly. If it isn’t, you give yourself the extra minutes to sort out any kinks and leave a good first impression. 

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​​4. During the Interview:

Relax and treat your interview like a conversation rather than a questioning. The interviewers don’t bite, sometimes they may try to give you a hard time to see how you function under pressure. Remember to maintain good eye contact, be an active listener and to smile from time to time. Don’t be afraid to take your time and ponder their questions, your initial answer will still be there while you try to come up with a better one. If you don’t know something, say I don’t know! Let them know that you will be researching about it once you leave. It shows that you are open to learning.

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