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Our Philosophy

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A Story About Transforming People and Organisations

The world is changing everyday under our gaze. We live in tumultuous and turbulent times, and must plan for tomorrow today to thrive as an organisation.

The Crescendo Global philosophy is our road map for building a sustainable business in this unchartered journey. That road map is entrenched in our vision, mission and values: our approach to help job seekers and employers succeed.

When Crescendo Global began its journey in 2014 it was a one man band, Raghav Choudhary, driven by a burning desire to transform the leadership hiring industry.

Nearly a decade after establishing his vision, the organisation he founded continues to thrive and serve domestic and global employers hiring uniquely talented leadership across India.

Our Values - F.I.R.E I.T

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    We avoid taking ourselves too seriously and believe fun should be a part of everything we do.

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    We strive to abide by an ethical conduct when we do business with our stakeholders.

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    We learn from our mistakes, losses and seize the opportunity to improve.

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    We continually improve our processes and employees to deliver the very best in all we do.

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    We challenge the status quo by demonstrating initiative in growing our employees and businesses.

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    We work harmoniously to develop a culture of supportive, high-performing teams.

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Our philosophy

Our Vision

We’re committed to providing flagship recruitment services to help job seekers and employers build fruitful leadership careers, prosperous organisations and ultimately, a better world. Crescendo Global helps job seekers land jobs which inspire them to unleash their potential and improve their livelihood, and employers build prosperous businesses by identifying capable leadership aligned with their vision and culture.
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  • Divya Gautam

    Divya Gautam

    Sr. Consultant- HR, Legal & Research
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    I believe I can recognize perfect talent when I see it.  I’m great at mapping the market and at strategizing new sourcing methods. I specialize in HR, Legal & Research hiring, and I have a knac...

  • Deepika Seth

    Deepika Seth

    Sr. Consultant- Supplychain & Procurement
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    I am self motivated and high on energy and bring positivity and fulfillment to all the roles I works on managing all the touch points and delivering always. My ability so tap talent for Supply chai...

  • Ravjot Kaur

    Ravjot Kaur

    Consultant- Analytics & Technology
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    ​I hail from software industry background and understand the technology industry to search for niche roles of Software Development and Business Intelligence. My active listening skills and self-mot...

  • Radhika Agrawal

    Radhika Agrawal

    Consultant-Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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    I undertake hiring for Fintech and Insurance roles specializing in Quantitative portfolio, Hedge funds/ Private equity ,Investment strategies and Research, Fund Accounting specialist, Alternative I...

  • Rajat Sharma

    Rajat Sharma

    Associate Manager- Analytics & Digital
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    I am a skilled technology team leader with deep tech knowledge and excellent understanding of analytics & technology roles. My belief lies in attention to detail and excellent communication at ...

  • Shivani Razdan

    Shivani Razdan

    Associate Manager- HR, Legal and Research
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    I work with some of the top talent in the industry providing a positive candidate experience and ensuring a fluidic and transparent recruitment process for candidates. Backed by more than a decade ...

  • Raghav Choudhary

    Raghav Choudhary

    Founder & Managing Director
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    ​We at Crescendo Global are motivated by a vision of niche hiring and specialization. We support organizations in finding and integrating the best people. We collaborate with clients from throughou...

  • Jassimran Saluja

    Jassimran Saluja

    Lead- Talent Acquisition
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    I am an expert at Talent Acquisition with extensive experience in specialized recruitments across multiple domains. My goal is finding the right talent and realizing the vision for transformational...

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Our Mission

To become number one in job seeker and employer satisfaction in every leadership hiring market we serve; attain consistent, sustainable growth in recruitment industry by empowering our workforce with an engaging and benign work environment, and provide an outstanding job and talent search experience through robust processes and professionalism.