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We go beyond matching the skillsets and experience to ensure finding a candidate who is a right cultural fit and shares the company's vision . With our customized and comprehensive recruitment approach we map the candidates' journey from first look to first day. 

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  • Access to the best talent in the industry

  • Sustainable growth and performance in your business

  • Achieve your organizational goals.

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Why choose Crescendo Global for your Leadership hiring needs?

Enhanced Visibility across platforms

Accentuate your presence and attract applications from top talent through adverts on multiple online channels. Adverts go live in 24-48 hours

Crescendo Global Website

Get your job advert highlighted as a 'Featured Job' on the jobs page of our website making the job stand out.

Search Ads

Increased visibility of the Jobs on Search portals. Optimized jobs for Google Search.

​Job Slots

Target relevant candidates based on the location and the skills required for the job through Global professional networks.

Jobs Adverts​

Optimize the reach of your job ad on 20+ Job Boards and criteria matching using keyword scraping.

About Crescendo Globa;

What Sets Us Apart

Build an Organization that Outperforms and Inspires

Hiring transformational leaders who drive success and growth has never been more vital than today. Organizations that are keen to stay competitive are those that continually invest in building robust transformational leadership at all levels of the organization. Crescendo Global helps you hire senior and top management talent that drives your organizational success.

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Meet The Experts

  • Aayushi Grover

    Aayushi Grover

    Sr. Consultant- Analytics & Technology
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    Aayushi's proactiveness in answering all of my queries and concerns, left me feeling confident and prepared for each stage of the interview . Kudos to the expertise and probity of Crescendo’s team,...

  • Nikita Gupta

    Nikita Gupta

    Sr.Consultant-Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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    Nikita's vast experience in the hiring and recruitment industry was evident in the seamless execution of the entire process from job sharing till onboarding. Overall, my experience was fantastic an...

  • Ishmandeep Bhandari

    Ishmandeep Bhandari

    Consultant-HR, Legal & Research
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    It is commendable to see how professionally the entire recruitment process was managed. I was particularly impressed with Ishmandeep’s clear and transparent communication that made me feel well-inf...

  • Abhishek Pushkar

    Abhishek Pushkar

    Consultant-Sales & Marketing
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    I had an exceptional experience working with Crescendo and I attribute it to the professionalism and dedication of Abhishek. From representing my candidature effectively to his client to offering i...

  • Radhika Agrawal

    Radhika Agrawal

    Consultant-Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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    I had an exceptional experience working with Crescendo Global, as they played a vital role in helping me secure a job with my dream company. Their recruitment process was both streamlined and effic...

  • Nishant Sharma

    Nishant Sharma

    Consultant-HR, Legal & Research
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    From our first conversation, it was clear that Nishant was very knowledgeable about the industry and had a keen understanding of my skills and experience. He took the time to discern my requirement...

  • Shweta Arora

    Shweta Arora

    Consultant- Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
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    I had a phenomenal experience with Crescendo, and Shweta was incredibly professional throughout the entire recruitment process. She provided a clear and accurate explanation of the interview proces...

  • Gurpreet Kaur

    Gurpreet Kaur

    Associate- Analytics & Technology
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    I believe I can recognize perfect talent when I see it.  I’m great at mapping the market and at strategizing new sourcing methods. I specialize in HR, Legal & Research hiring, and I have a knac...

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